The Visit Philadelphia Holiday Tree
powered by NRG

Thank you for joining us at the 2023 Tree Lighting Celebration! Your presence is what continues to make this event so remarkable. We can’t wait to see you at City Hall next year! Have a safe & happy holiday!

Check out some of our favorite moments from last year below!

In coordination with the City of Philadelphia and for the safety of event attendees and staff, the following items are prohibited:

  • Weapons of any kind regardless of permitting, e.g. Right-to-Carry permits will not be honored, and entry will be denied
  • Fireworks, firecrackers, or explosives (including sparklers)
  • Open flame of any kind
  • Items that would obstruct others’ view (flags, large signs, banners, etc.)
  • Flyers, handbills, posters, stickers (no solicitation allowed)
  • Illegal or illicit substances of any kind (does not pertain to individual prescribed medication)
  • Alcohol
  • Full face coverings, such as ski masks and balaclavas (this does not apply to COVID-19 masks or faith-based coverings)
  • Unauthorized commerce
  • Drones and any other unmanned and remote-controlled devices
  • ATVs, dirt bikes, skateboards, rollerblades, bicycles, segways, hoverboards, and similar items are not allowed in the event location
  • Glass containers
  • Laser pointers
  • Selfie sticks
  • Choreographed and/or coordinated performances or demonstrations of any kind
  • Any other item or action deemed dangerous or inappropriate by production or security management